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Microsoft Office is the most popular desktop application suite in the world today. When Microsoft Office is developed and integrated as a single solution the full potential of the Office Suite is realised. Below are 3 major advantages of using an integrated Microsoft Office solution.

Office Supports an Integrated development Environment

The suite of Microsoft Office applications share the same programming language. This gives developers the framework necessary to build software solutions that are tightly integrated and seamlessly share data and information.

Users and Business already use the Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office is used by millions of people as their main work software tool. It makes sense then to leverage the knowledge and experience of users and development solutions in an environment in which they are already productive.

Great User acceptance with a familiar Environment

One of the great challenges of providing software solutions is getting user acceptance of the new software application.

This factor alone can effectively make or break a project.

Because users are familiar with Microsoft Office it is possible to get user participation very early in the design process, which is a great way of getting user ownership and acceptance in a project.

Also if users are familiar with an application the learn curve is reduced, which can dramatically reduce training and support costs.

Example of an integrated Office Solution

Access Database Solutions provided a solution to a major financial company and dramatically increased the productivity of their staff. The company was manually printing out financial statements from its Access database, manually putting the statements into envelopes and mailing them to its clients.

The solution provided by ADS allowed the automatic creation and emailing of the financial statements to the clients as Excel and Word attachments. The process integrated Access, Excel, Word and Outlook in a single operation with the benefits of productivity gains for its staff and improved information provided to its Clients.

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