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Microsoft Access is one of the most widely used databases in the world today. A few features which make Access such a powerful development tool are;

  • Access includes all the tools necessary to development powerful and flexible database applications.

  • There is a reporting system built into Access allowing the rapid development of sophisticated reports.

  • Access can be integrated into client server databases such as SQL Server and Oracle.

  • Access is part of the fully integrated office suite, which allows developers the ability to create solutions that incorporate Access, Excel, Word and Outlook.

  • Access is very scalable with the potential to be scaled from a single user application to a multi user application very quickly.

Below is a brief description of the configuration options available for the deployment of Access.

Single User Application

Microsoft Access is an excellent solution when there is a requirement for a single user database on a standalone PC. The greatest flexibility is gained by splitting the database into a front end and back end application. Advantages of this structure are that when updates occur there is only a requirement to replace the front-end database and the application can be scaled to a multi user application in the future.

Multi User Application

Microsoft Access is also excellent for small to medium scale network solutions. We have developed many networked Access database solutions for clients that have between 2 to 50 users. For this configuration a front end Access database is installed on each users PC, and the back end Access Database is installed on the server.
To automate updating when BDA releases a new version to a client, we have developed tools that enable automatic updates to all users on a network. We also offer downloads from the BDA web site as a free service for all our clients

Client / Server Application

As mentioned above Access is a very flexible development environment, which can deliver advanced and complex applications.
Access does have limitations in its ability to handle large numbers of users. However this can be overcome when MS Access is used as front end Interface to a backend Microsoft SQL Server database.
If developed correctly this configuration can deliver applications which match and exceed other more fancied software development environments, but at a faction of the cost.

Client / Web Application

A fourth option is the ability to configure access to retrieve and update information from a web database. In this configuration an access application would be installed on a client PC and retrieve data from a database setup on a web site. BDA uses Microsoft SQL Server as the preferred database for this configuration.

Business Databases Australia can deliver an application to suit your business requirements

BDA is experienced at designing all of the configurations discussed above. In the analysis phase we will assess the requirements and develop an application to match those needs.

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